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1999-06-18 - Judge Jules, Studio Session (20 mins only)


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1999-06-18 - Judge Jules, Studio Session (20 mins only)

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Half hour Mix

*01. Fragma - 'Toca Me' (In Petto Mix) [Edel]

02. Joe T Vannelli - 'Play With The Voice' (Paul van Dyk Remix) [Nervous]

03. Signum - 'Coming On Strong' (Original Mix) [Tidy Trax]

04. Sheer Brilliance - 'Don't Be Afraid Of My Love' (Side A version) [white label]

05. X-Cabs - 'Neuro 99' (99 Mix) [Hook/Bang On!]

*06. LP (Luis Paris) - 'Incantation' [Tsunami]

*07. Binary Finary - '1999' [Positiva]

*= These tracks sadly did not survive, so if anyone have this missing portion of the show, please contact the staff. Thanks!

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A right nostalgiafest.....love it. Although not too familiar with the first track no doubt will end up being car-karioki(however that's spelt.)

Classics by signum and X-Cabs. Infact didn't even realise it was the X-Cabs, it was just one of those tunes I liked and taped in the days before I left credits on. biggrin.gif

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In some respects that X-Cabs track has been re-descovered by me (IDing it /dates and all that) and 've now got it on my mind LOADS! ....LLLOOOVVVEEE IIITTT!!.....it's not in yer face or composed of the deep majestical layers of trance that I usually fall for but has a pleasant optimism. The thing is, I think it just shows how valuble and brill this site is 'cos it's keeping the good stuff alive...


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Been blitzing my downloads whilst playing with paints.....this is coming out easily on top of my faves....jjuuusssttt love it...(even getting used to 'play with the voice'....) :thumbsup:

Take that back......the voice ruins it.....:lol:

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