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As it is like December tomorrow,

1. This is my Tree it is again the best tree I have ever seen in my whole life, not expensive, but such a good choice it looks so good it don't need decorating, but I decorated it anyway and I can't believe I actually out done last years tree, as indeed last years tree did to the one before that!

(hard to photograph lit trees but I got this) LOOK!!! I think you'll see what I mean..n1436522978_30138038_3150.jpg

Then as it's a Christmassy thread, I want to get this on GUITAR HERO to play at work next week on Playstation 3, is that possible?? Coz I'm relatively new to this gaming stuff.

Youtube Video ->Original Video

Now if nothing else you should be getting in the mood for Christmas, please tell me you love my tree! ;)

Got better pic of tree now..


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hehe - thats a rather groovy tree I must say! My best mate put his up yesterday which was nice to see as I've decided I'm not putting one up this year as I'm going away on Boxing Day and not expecting much in the way of presents as I've just had a rather messy break-up with my partner of 7 years so I'm just looking to get xmas over and done with really!

But I still bring good tidings to one and all ;) At least it's a good time of year to have lots of drink, catch up with old friends and try and be as positive as possible! So as it is the 1st, hope everyone has cracked open their advent calendars (I have!!) and has a festive season filled with good health and happiness! :D

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We have a f***ing stupid tree at work (we do sell them so there are loads of different sorts) and this one is upside-down! Suppose to be a better use of space but it looks ridiculous :lol:


I think a bottle Christmas tree is much better.

Anyone for Grolsch?


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I agree with Tom too...

Although I try not to air my views and just go along with it, as it is a potential hot potato!

One of previous lecturers at uni used to be a proper humbug and I remember a full on debate - cba with that again!

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