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Godksitchen - Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle 05 Nov 2005


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Tickets for this are £30, is anyone going to this 9pm to 6am xtravaganza?

Bigsteve will be going, ALF too? I've gotta make it, should be an amazing night.

Line up:

Armin Van Buuren

Judge Jules


Tall Paul

Above and Beyond

Jon O'Bir

Matt Hardwick

Richard Tulip

Lisa Lashes

Tidy Boys

Lab 4 Live

Anne Savage

Rob Tissera


Shan Hinsley

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Well I'm waiting on my friends Emily + Tom to get back to me whether they're going or not yet... if they are, I'm not sure, probably relatively early yeah. If the decide not to go then I'll be there early and soak the full 9 hours in if I can :)

If you're going early anyway, think ALF wanted to meet in the pub beforehand anwyay, so I'll keep you posted :thumbsup:

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Where is this event exactly in Newcastle? My fiance lives up there so I could kill two birds with one stone...

(probably not the phrase I was looking for, but you know what I mean! :wink: )

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It's in the Metro Radio Arena (or Telewest Arena, whatever they call it) which if I remember is across the river, big pink neon lighting, can't miss it - never been there myself but it will be awesome. Let me know if you come along, got a few people from the board going and we can get some pints in before it kicks off...

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I wouldn't have thought Mr van Buuren would play last, though who knows. Unfortunately I am unable to attend this event and meet up with your guys, due to a prior engagement that I forgot about. :(

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A truly brilliant night! Great to see Steve (and the other Steve!) and Andy (ALF) after such a while, really enjoyed myself and I recall a lot of laughter amongst all the excellent sets played.

Notably one particular person in the crowd who stood out from the start was this guy wearing a fluorescent jacket, half-crouched + going absolutely nuts with these glowsticks, and hilariously sporting (for some reason) one of those dust masks you wear if you're using power tools. We caught sight of him a few times throughout the night still going strong; Somehow I think Steve even managed to talk him into posing for a photo! Very funny moment, I remember laughing for ages and ages...

The best line of the evening if I remember must go to ALF, who was approached by a rather large woman during Jules' set, and whom I think declared she fancied him, to which he simply replied, "That's a shame!" :lol:

Feel absolutely shattered now and this day has been a total write-off, but I think you'll agree it was a top night lads. :thumbsup:

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Totally brilliant night. Sunday was a write off for me too. Survived the Newcastle-Glasgow drive without killing myself, or anyone else, but otherwise slept all day.

We managed to join the queue just before it was immense, and they actually started letting people in at 8.45, so we were just being searched when the speakers opened fire on us. Suddenly a quiet, motionless queue bounced into life!

Tulip played 1st, as expected, and played his usual reliable warm-up set. Will miss this fella now Promise has closed its doors :cry:

Tall paul played unusually early, at 10, but brought the place to life. Top set, including a new ( :?: ) mix of Storm - Time to Burn. That was my entry point to the dancefloor!

A & B followed with the best set I've seen them play. Air for Lfe being the highlight.

Then Armin played at midnight and was nothing short of class. The bloke's a legend. Played SOS (Chris, sorry for ringing you at this point :wink: ), Without You and loads of other good stuff that I can't remember. During one tune, there was ticker tape cascaded onto the dancefloor which I've never experienced before. Unfortunately I was having one of my 'Where's everybody else' moments at this point. :(

Jules followed and apart from Without You, SOS and Karl's mix of Yeke Yeke, the set didn't really do it for me. It seemed to go down with the rest of the floor, so I guess I was probs starting to tire by this point having, having been dancing solid for over 3 hours. Needed a break I guess.

Fergie needn't have bothered showing up. The floor half emptied, and chatting to other folk, they were saying the same. His style of music was totally different to the others on the line up.

O'Bir played at 4, and was good, then Matt at the end, but we left at 5.30 so didn't catch all his set. Wanted to se if he'd drop a few classics at the end, but we were both well shattered.

All in all, a very good, well organised night. Little queueing at the bars and loads of people searching so the queue to get in wasn't too bad

Great to see you again Tim and ALF, even if you did bottle it at 3 :lol: :wink:

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Just reading elsewhere about the night and the memories are flooding back!

Richard Tulip performing way too many spinbacks, the ridiculous 2nd room/foyer and the chair in the middle of the dancefloor. Some guy kept sitting down on it and I remember standing on it to find everyone. Fortunately Tim's quite tall and is quite easy to spot!

Also, how Armin 'jigs' behind the decks. He sort of shakes along in time to the tunes. Very unlike anything I've seen before - seems to work tho

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Richard Tulip performing way too many spinbacks

That was funny! Surprised the needle didn't shoot off into orbit... executed perfectly though, and clearly done on vinyl from what we could see on the big screen.

I remember we were all looking for that guy with the mask so we could laugh at him, then ALF taps me on the shoulder and points to where he was - having a chat with Steve! lol!

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