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2000-04-14 - Judge Jules, Studio Session


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2000-04-14 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

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BBC Radio 1

Friday, 14th April 2000

Judge Jules, Studio Session

01. Freefall - 'Skydive' (Original Mix) [Renaissance]

02. Spiller - 'Groovejet' (If This Ain't Love) (Solar's Jet Groove Dub Mix) [Positiva]

03. Armand Van Helden - 'Koochy' [FFRR]

04. Sonique - 'It Feels So Good' (En-Motion Remix) [serious Records]

05. Noisefloor - 'Club System' [Part Of The Deal]

06. Jonah - 'Sssst...(Listen)' (Original Mix) [VC Recordings]

07. Terpsichord - 'The Bells' (Original Mix) [Cream Records]

08. Mash Up - 'Beautiful' [incentive]

09. Robbie Rivera - 'The Soul Bandit' [Gossip Records]

10. Pascal Vegas - 'I Know You Like It' [Yoshitoshi Recordings]

11. Coco vs. Aptness - 'Miracle Answer' (Pussycats Favourite Mix) [white label]

12. Flickman - 'The Sound of Bamboo' (Yomanda vs. Hi-Gate Remix) [inferno]

13. Nüw Idol - 'Kick Drum Domination' [WellWicked]

14. Darude - 'Sandstorm' (Original Mix) [Neo Records]

15. Magica - 'Magica' (Ibiza Remixx) [Front]

16. Florian F - 'Surreal Brazil' (Extreme Mix) [Neo Records]

17. System F - 'Cry' (Original Extended Mix) [Tsunami]

18. Organic Overload - 'Portamento Passout' (Portamento Mix) [Closet Recordings]

19. Mark Tyler - 'Russian Hill' [No Entry]


Half-hour Mix

20. Agnelli & Nelson - 'Embrace' (New York Mix) [Xtravaganza]

21. York - 'Reachers Of Civilization' (Rank 1 Remix) [Manifesto]

22. Mother's Pride - 'Learning To Fly' (Mistral Remix) [Heat Recordings]

23. Little Diamond - 'Listen To Me Now' [sound Sauce]

24. Storm - 'Time To Burn' [Data]

25. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - 'The Power Of Love '99' (Rob Searle Remix) [ZTT]

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i can't believe this little gem has been missed. I'm gonna bag this after work tomorrow, it looks quite good. Cheers for the upload bruvva I actually remember taping this one at the time (its a day before my birthday, i went out that night - cant remember where though). Coco vs. Aptness for the win people!

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i'm sure i remember hearing this at the time. It was shortly after i passed my dirving test and i was just cruising around aimlessly. I say this because i remember the comment after the System F track, for some reason - it may have been has i had bought the System F track that day, i remember. I never thought i'd hear this again. Also, my 19th was the following day, a quiet night on friday and a hectic one at Passion, i think it was the following night.

Its not a bad show tbh. The half mix aint bad either. Thanks for the upski.

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This came on the IPod earlier today, and there's one track that really stood out today. Magica "Magica" (Ibiza Remixx). I have never heard this before, but its so good. It's got a gorgeous breakdown, i cant believe i missed this! I'm going to hunt this down on Discogs. I heard it and it just took me back 10 years ago, you know one of those tracks where your mind just goes back to what you were doing at that time, what job you had, college friends etc etc - Amazing track!

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