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2001-07-13 - Radio 1 Dance Party #18 - The Don Valley Bowl, Sheffield


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2001-07-13 - Radio 1 Dance Party #18 - The Don Valley Bowl, Sheffield

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BBC Radio 1 Dance Party
Friday, 13th July, 2001
Live from Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield


Judge Jules
01. MC Rob Sonic - 'You Can Hear Me Now' [white label]
02. Windsider - 'Hidden Flight' [HF 001 / HIDDEN001]
03. DJ Tiësto - 'Suburban Train' [Nebula]
04. Three Drives - 'Sunset On Ibiza' [Massive Drive]
05. Angelic - 'Stay With Me' [serious]
06. R. Wood & DJ Spacecase - 'Blow Your Mind' (DJ T.T. Hacky Remix) [Everlasting]
07. Cosmic Gate - 'Fire Wire' (LCF Remix) [Data]
08. Microbe - 'X It 2 Nowhere' [Redemption]
09. Push - 'The Legacy' [inferno]


Dave Pearce
10. Dirt Devils - 'The Drill' (Unknown Remix) [NuLife]
11. Unknown - 'Unknown' [white label]
12. John Whitemann - 'Can't Beat The System' (Ingo Remix) [Tidy Trax]
13. Unknown - 'Unknown' [white label]
14. Ian van Dahl - 'Castles in the Sky' [Nu Life]
15. Unknown - 'Unknown' [white label]


Paul Van Dyk
16. Mirco De Govia - 'Epic Monolith' [Euphonic]
17. Connector - 'Interference' [Addictive]
18. Natural Born Grooves - 'Kick Back' [spot On]
19. Paul Van Dyk - 'Out There' [Vandit]
20. RMB - 'Horizon' [Zeitgeist]
21. 4 Strings - 'Into The Night' (Original Mix) [Liquid]
22. Eastern Strategy - 'Unknown' [Plastic City Suburbia]
23. Ralphie B - 'Massive' [black Hole]
24. Solid Sleep - 'Club Attack' [Vandit]
25. Paul Van Dyk - 'Columbia' (PvD Remix) [Vandit]


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Awesome night, cant believe it was 9 years ago. Anyone got the Paul Van Dyk set from this party?

Indeed... and it shall soon be uploaded in the proper category here: http://www.judgejulesarchive.co.uk/archives/board/index.php?app=downloads&showcat=8

It will superseed this entry, but I'll see if I can keep the discussion thread so the posts aren't lost.

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thanks for this!

i recall hearing this coming back from holiday in the car, and i remember dave pearce playing the dirt devils track; the first time i heard it. i remember writing down the title and getting it from hard to find records the following week.

my mind won't let the fact that this was 10 years ago sink in!

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