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2003-09-06 - Judge Jules, Studio Session


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i tried to upload it to this site, but it's having none of it coming up with 'no file was selected'. so i've zippyshared it and maybe someone else can properly add it afterwards.

so here it is:-


01. Tammi Wright - 'Bitter To The Sweet' (King Brain Vocal) [black Blue]

02. Seraphim Suite - 'Heart' [inferno]

03. Eric Prydz - 'Slammin' [Credence]

04. Fight Club feat. Laurent Konrad - 'Spread Love' [Nebula]

05. Monika Kruse feat. Zafra Negra - 'Latin Lovers' [Terminal]

06. David Guetta - 'Just A Little More Love' (Wally Lopez Mix) [Virgin]

Judge For Yourself

07. B Jammin' - 'Science' [white label]

08. Tube & Berger - 'Geradeaus (Straight Ahead)' [Direction]

09. Outkast - 'Ghetto Music' (Benny Benassi Mix) [bMG]

10. Ferry Corsten - 'Rock Your Body, Rock' [Purple Eye]

11. Matt Darey & Marcella Woods - 'Voice Of An Angel' [incentive]

12. Massive Lust - 'Never' (Corvin Dalek Mix) [Nebula]

Judge Jules' Tried & Tested

13. Dirt Devils - 'Music Is Life' [Anjunabeats/Nu Life]

14. The Slag Brothers - 'Champion Sounds' [Killer Green]

15. Unknown - 'Unknown' [white label]

16. Yakooza - 'French Kiss' (DJ Wag Mix) [Overdose]

17. Yves Deruyter & Marcel Woods - 'Frequence' [Frequence]

18. Lost Tribe - 'Gamemaster 2003' (Michael Woods Mix) [Liquid Asset]

Gone But Not Forgotten

19. Cygnus X - 'Superstring' (Rank One Mix) [Xtravaganza]

20. Tomcraft vs Yello - 'The Race 2003' [Motor]

21. Valley Project - 'Heat' [intensive Music]

22. Mike Robbins - 'Are You A Freak?' [silicon]

23. 4 Fingers - 'Act Your Age' [white label]

24. Carlo Resort - 'O Class' [Liquid]

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Just to say had same problem. The ones I'd tried to upload were just part mixes so I thought I'd 'done something' whilst tidying them up to upload. Will give this a listen later...

yeah, i'm sure the file size isn't too big or anything. it's a 2 hour show at 128kbps and i've put one or two up before. shame, i've got a bit of time on my hands and i'd like to get one or two up from 2005ish.

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