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top 5 sets on JJ archive


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I havent got permission to download any thing yet but i am big in the trance of 1997 - 2002 all the big melody`s and bass lines there is a lot of rare set`s on here i have gone to bottom of all my domain`s they didnt turn up gem`s like on here now i know how the guy`s on goldrush feel lol but

i was just woundering what the top 5 sets that you/ye have downloaded off JJ archive are???.

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in no order:-

1997-10-31 - Judge Jules, Essential Selection, Live from Oxford for Soundcity 97:-


1998-07-31 - Judge Jules, Live from Bar M, Ibiza:-


2001-06-16 - Judge Jules, Gatecrasher Summer Sound System:-


2001-04-29 - Judge Jules, Live from Qontact:-


2000-08-26 - Judge Jules, Live from Creamfields:-


There will eventually be some 1999 shows in there but I haven't got around to listening to them all myself.

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I have two of those set`s you picked Gatecrrasher and Qontact very good set`s so they are i most get the Creamfield`s one and Bar M!!!.

I have a hard drive with all the set`s i have collected over the year`s` when i find out how to up load set`s here i will :)

Cheers for the reply Lyndon

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Welcome to the board foz. Everyone will have their own personal favourites, but here are mine, in no particular order.

I've put the links to the discussion threads here but you can download each file from the links in the first post:

1999-11-26 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

A classic Friday show. Illustrates perfectly the quality of those late, cold, dark and wintery 9-11pm Friday night shows of Jules. This is my favourite in terms of content - every track is memorable - and I remember the half-hour mix at the end so clearly. Amazing.


2001-09-15 - Judge Jules, Studio Session (September 11 Special)

The Saturday show immediately after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. A sombre episode with some very special tracks - one by Mathias Schaffhäuser stands out here, as well as the rare-as-hens-teeth unreleased Club mix of Salt Tank's 'Eugina'. High quality content here.


1999-11-07- Essential Mix #14 - Judge Jules, Live from Sundissential's 3rd Birthday at Pulse, Birmingham

Out of his Essential Mixes, this stands out in terms of atmosphere inside a club during that magical year.


2001-02-02 - Judge Jules, Live from the University of Durham, The Margot Fonteyn Ballroom

A great live set. Aside from some fantastic tracks, there's also two shelved Hi-Gate projects played here, and a curious moment exactly half way through when you can still sense the atmosphere shift to another plane. I know the guy who still remembers "starting the clap" during the breakdown of Push's 'Strange World' :) The last live Friday night broadcast ever and the best of the Uni sets.


2000-03-10 - Ferry Corsten Mix covering for Judge Jules, Studio Session

A young Ferry Corsten silently covers one of Jules's shows to give possibly the best 2-hour Dutch Trance masterclass you've ever heard.


Blimey I could go on with hundreds more but there's a few to start you off! Enjoy.

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I have a hard drive with all the set`s i have collected over the year`s` when i find out how to up load set`s here i will :)

We would appreciate this very much. Please look into uploading anything we don't have! If you have any problems contact me or our Audio mod @FuzzY-LogiC :thumbsup:

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Thank`s for that i had good look around but not in the studio session`s but i will now after reading the 3 you included in your top 5

those 6 year`s are the best year`s of trance in my opinion.

I will post my top 5 soon i have two left to include.

On the uploading set`s Neuro give me a couple day`s i am free Sunday and i will get them up

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Howz it going :)

I am well late getting back about what set`s i have of jule`s.

It took me a long time to go threw what`s on this set i have never seen an arcive as big as this that been said i have a lot of double`s this is what i think is not up on the site =

j j @ ministry of sund 2010

j j @ godskitchen irelnd 2010 sound not great

j j @ judgement sundays eden 2010

j j @ nature one 2008

j j @ the savoy cork ireland 2007

j j @ sunrise festival 2006

j j @ mardi gras uk not sure year but early 2000/s

I typed them so if you think there not on here let me know as not point loading what might be already up.

Now i have 1267 dj set`s 90 % are live i love the live shit 467 are essential mix`s not a bad arcive also have the global undergrond series, mayday festival and nature one early year`s.

Let me know if ye are looking for any thing might be able to hep ye out

Talk soon

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Essential mix`s that i have of j j if any help =

1994 dont know the month

1995 same no month

1997 same no month

1999 j j live @ pacha

2000 j j live @ media nottingham

2000 j j live @ slinky & jj live @ sensation

2001 2 set`s no month

2007 j j live @ global gathering

2010 j j live in newcastle

2011 j j live @ creamfield`s

Again if any of those are of use then give a buzz

CHEER`S big ear`s :thumbsup:

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