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Channel 4 Dance Music programmes!


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Watched a bit of the Idris Elba "How Clubbing Changed The World" programme but have a rather large weekend planned so headed to bed at 11ish.

What was the house party programme like & what did it consist of?

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Jules only featured briefly on the 'How Clubbing ...' programme.

The live house party was really rather good ...

"Friday night is house party night as Channel 4 hands over creative control to six top-class DJs in an unprecedented live television event, starting at midnight.

In the past DJs have taken over warehouses, fields, car-parks and derelict office blocks. This summer, for the first time ever, DJs take control of a national broadcaster to bring the country together with a six-hour house party.

With no advert breaks, no commentary, no interruptions and a line-up of top international DJs;

- Grandmaster Flash,

- Annie Mac,

- Horse Meat Disco,

- Soul II Soul,

- Erick Morillo

- A-Trak

The DJ's will play live to the nation with six hour-long sets in a clubbing experience like no other. This is not a programme about clubbing; this is the club.

Channel 4 turns the television into the ultimate DJ booth with the party blasting through the TV, phone and laptop screens to transform living rooms, bedrooms and bars right across the nation into dance floors."

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Just put the six hour prog on, it'll be background music for me until bedtime hopefully.

The programme before probably shoulda had more input from Jules and although it was an enjoyable watch and listen, seeing footage from back in the day and reminders of tunes etc, plus a few bits of equipment I found interesting, it was poorly put together, very fragmented and if anyone with no real clubbing knowledge or experience watched it, they probably just think it was all drugs motivated. And despite all the drugs taken it was in fact all about dancing and music.

It jumped from one era to another and then back again, with contradicting statements about very big influences on the scene. I thought.

But as programmes like this are rare, it was an enjoyable program.

Well written for the presenter, and well presented in that sense, but not entirely factual. :)

What was clear though, was the passion of the old skoolers, the way it was for the party, not for the money. :)

As I wrote all that, grandmaster flashes voice is getting on my tits, but I'm off to look through some tubs of photos and I think the mixing will keep me company, shame he won't shut up, it's worse than Jules' jingles .... Jeeez

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hopefully it's on 4od

The selling pint of the house party was it wont be on 4od or repeated, well good in a way, wasn't really all that from the brief bits I caught, also caught the begining of the who clubbing programme which felt a bit rushed.

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I enjoyed the documentary although the "Top 40" format was a bit flawed. I would rather it have been a proper documentary and flowed chronologically through from Sir Jimmy to the present day. I suspect it was designed the way it was to get maximum effect of their no.1.

However, well worth watching and I learnt a fair bit about the sounds created (that guy in Detroit with his box of tricks, was superb) and more about the history.

Trance barely featured, neither Jules for that matter. I thought he would have some good input on the legal side of the M25 raves and what about Norman Jay?

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