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1998-08-01 - Ibiza Interview at Cafe Mambo


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1998-08-01 - Ibiza Interview at Cafe Mambo

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Jules is interviewed at Café Mambo about DJ'ing and doing radio from Ibiza.

Originally from BBC's Ibiza site here

Below is a somewhat quick transcript of the interview, but because of the poor sound quality and the fact that I am not a native Englishman, I would very much like of you great guys'n gals would be so kind to mention any mistakes or additions in the comments, cheers! :)


Q: So Jules, how did your set goes tonight?

JJ: What, in here or at Café Mambo?


Q: *inaudiable* Café Mambo!

JJ: Well because I haven't actually done here yet, I thought it was a trick question, uhm... see if I could remember.

"Basically, when you're a radio presenter and a club DJ like I am, and I mean, I probably perform for ten thousand people week after week in clubs and obviously many more on the radio.

To many people it might seem like the two are the same, but they are very dissimmiliar, because you don't get the immediately feedback when you're a radio presenter, although you're performing on a much larger stage and the great thing about having done my *inaudiable* here, Friday night at Bar M and today at Café Mambo is the fact that we'll get the best of both worlds. To actually see what's going on the tour as the crowds concerned. Get the immediate feedback and still have that huge influence back home.


Q: Is it difficult having them so close to you, because you know they are literally like, you know one foot away.

JJ: I'm quite an exhibitionist, I actually enjoy having people there.

There are certain radio presenters there are almost . They are very shy people and they develop a persona the moment they get onto a microphone, the moment the fader goes up.

Radio is convetionally a kind of subterranean natural like free environment. It kind of makes for, or attracts weirdos who are basically totally kind of shy and *inaudiable(retiring?)* until you got the mic up.

Fortunately I don't come from that school, I actually enjoy going out there and performing and I think the kind of clockwork of the Radio 1 is kinda complementary.


Q: *inaudiable*

JJ: Well I joined Radio 1 under a year ago now, and I feel really glad to join the station in a time when it's commitment to Dance have been proven to be so whole hearted, you know I think that the likes of Pete Tong to a great extend and Danny Rampling to a lesser extend, might have been a bit of a *inaudiable* at one stage, you know. At that time there was only about 4 or 5 hours a week of Dance programming and I joined Radio 1 at a time when it recruited other DJ's and I'm part of what's called The Soundtrack To The Weekend, *inaudiable(third day of the week?)*, and that's great to be a part of. I don't have to prove anything to anybody. What I'm doing is I'm trying to flag the music I love and believe in.


Q: *inaudiable* Ibiza '98?

JJ: Last year, people was really shocked about the numbers that came here, because it's such a calendar oriented thing for Journalists to write about it. The last year, they got a bit of the last day, they didn't actually start flying the Ibiza flag, almost forgot about it's existence, and was suddenly taken back by the enormous numbers that turned up last year.

This year they we're expecting it more, but there were still 30% more UK clubbers in Ibiza this year.

Last year was in itself a bit of a record. So numerically speaking, it's an absolutely crushing experience.


Q: What's your favorite club to play in?

JJ: I think there are so many clubs here that are architectural gorgeous, makes it difficult to say on for favorite. We're here at Privilege, formerly known as Ku, which is, I believe Europes second largest *inaudiable* and the sheer exhiliration of performing in front of such ar large crowd is second to none.

Although to some extend I prefer the intimacy of a smaller club like Pacha or El Domino, which has got a more international clientele and is... it just got an architectural amazing such of point, *inaudiable* in the venue.


Q: How many people are you expecting getting in tonight?

JJ: Well the venue holds about 8000 people at any given moment in time, and that's what they'll get. They might get a few more as some people leave while others arrive.


Q: *inaudiable*

JJ: Anybody that has been out here for any length of time and anybody that kinda looks to the chart as opposed to Ibizia in September or October will realize that only three records contend to speculate to be the biggest Ibiza tune: one is David Morales Pres. The Face - 'Needin' U', the other is Stardust - 'Music Sounds Better With You' and the third is the Jane Fonda workout sampling. It's called Gin'n Tonic by Bob Sinclair.


Q: So have you been any nervous before your set or you go for a few bebe's(?)

JJ: Well, I go for a few *inaudiable(bebe's? beverages?)* but no, it's not for courage(?). It's just that, I'm an alcoholic.


Q: Haha, have a great show.

JJ: Thank you, cheers.


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Bevvies! English slang, short for beverages ;)

I don't have to prove anything to anybody. What I'm doing is I'm trying to flag the music I love and believe in.

Jules sounds really passionate here. Somehow I don't think the same rings true today.

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An interview with an almost full tapescript!. Awesome work. And one of the peak years for BBC Radio One and its broadcasts down there from the Balearic region! Yes Quadrant: Julesy sounds really passionate and colloquial here! He is simply enjoying himself under the scorching sun!

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