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Juddge Jules @ Code live on Raprture Tv


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Has anyone a link for a download for this set or a full track listing,many have 4 or 5 unkown in it,especially the remix of Big Love,cheers!!!

Hmm. I remember Rapture covering a few things like that back in 2000 & 2001, I bet not all of them were recorded though. He does play 'Big Love' at the NEC in 2001 on the link Fuzzy posted.

The track in question was "Bleachin - Peakin". Both the Futureshock Mix and the one Jules plays, the Darude vs Js16 Mix. Were equally as big.

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1st Post :D


About this Rapture TV @ Code event - a new video has surfaced in 2020 which includes 6hrs of coverage, including Judge Jules.

Didn't find this set in the tracklisting archive.. but it's nearly a complete set (only a few cuts).


01. ID easy bonzai

02. DJ Hitch Hiker - Show Me Heaven

03. V-Three - Zuluu

04. Dreamweaver - Liquid: MM

05. David Forbes - Questions (Must Be Asked) (Kayestone Mix)


06. DJ Debra - Radical

07. DJ Dero - Tuk Tak! (Electrosamba Mix)

08. Musique vs. U2 - New Years Dub (Mauro Picotto Mix)

09. The Green Martian - Industry


10. Airwave - Save Me

11. Bleachin - Peakin (Big Love) (DaRude vs. JS16 Vocal Mix)

12. Mark "Ruff" Ryder - Joy (Electrique Boutique Remix)

13. ID

14. Dave The Drummer - The One Last One

15. Pablo Gargano - My Noise

16. Hi-Gate - You & Me




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For those in any doubt, the complete recording is well worth a listen:


Ferry Corsten
Armin Van Buuren
Judge Jules
Timo Mass


Mass is poorly booked and should have played before Corsten as there is a distinct climb down in the energy after Jules' last tune.  However the pacing and tunes for the first three DJs is excellent. Even AVB, who I'm not the greatest fan of, delivered that night. Brings back plenty of memories and I definitely would have been watching this one live.

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