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Secret Santa 2009


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Hey all

Well I think since September has hit us, I can already feeling the temperature dropping and the cold edging its way toward us. This can only indicate to us winter is not too far away and XMAS lurking around the corner.

Last year we had a great competition and hats off to Wakey for doing a great job. Now I think the batton has been passed and I'd like to help out with this year and thus propose another competition.

Here is what I am proposing:

  • Competition established today (date of this post) and participants to register their interest
  • The chance to register your interest will be open for 5/6 weeks - closing around 11th/18th October
  • At this point the composing/recording of the mixes will take place and you will have 5/6 weeks to do so (anyone completing beforehand is welcome to hand over their mix, but this is a cut off date for submission of entries)
  • All mixes to be submitted no later than 13th December and a week's worth of processing will then allow the mixes to be distributed in time for XMAS

The above is a draft proposal, if anyone would like to offer any other suggestions etc they are welcome to do so and feel free to let us know.

Digital copies are preferred for submission for ease of distribution, however, those prefering to submit a CD, all still welcome. Nevertheless, your CD will be ripped and uploaded for ease of processing. If you alternatively prefer, please post your CD with another stamped envelope included so that this can be later posted on.

Limitations: To ensure a fair competition, all mixes are to be no longer than 80-min (equivalent to that of a CD).

Anyone with a set of decks, digital equipment etc are encouraged to take part and are welcomed - the more the merrier.

To ensure we capture as many people as possible, please could you reply to this post stating if you would like to take part no later than 18th October.

Cheers - Aza :winkthumbsup:

NB: Board moderator - please could your sticky this post and remove this line - thank you B)

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I will follow the Dragon's Den and 'declare myself out at this early stage.' The decks were packed away earlier this year and now reside in the loft :(

However, I'll look forward to hearing everyone's mixes in the new year once they are available to download. Good luck everyone :)

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You going to able to do a mix by the deadline this time :lol:

Oh aye lol, there was me thinking I'd actually put a mix in last year :redface:

Spent that much time thinking about it and not enough time actually setting my decks back up lol.

Must try harder this year, blank canvas and that, definitely not going to just do your average mix cd though, it'll definitely have a slant of some sort of which I am unsure as of yet.

Might do a "Random tunes JM liked between 1988 and 2000 but then forgot about that would sound good in a Xmas mix after some research" type mix. Or something, who knows. :rolleyes:

Think it would be cool if everyone's had a bit of a slant though, as oppose to just stuff you normally play?

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OMG I am definitely in!!!!

Is it actually going to remain a SECRET santa this year!! :thumbsup:

Sorry to hear Big Steve wont be doing one though, you seemed keen after the last one!!

I dunno what I'm gonna play, I can now have a go at laptop DJing and have a wider choice of tunes, or I can stick with the vinyl and play my fave tunes!!!

Whatever it'll be, it'l just be what I feel like at the time I expect!!

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NB: Board moderator - please could your sticky this post and remove this line - thank you B)

Done. Good stuff Aza for sorting this year's one out.

count me in, but the post isnt clear? what does it entail? just doing an 80 min mix??

Essentially you do a 80-min mix, send it in to the organizer, and you get a different person's mix back in return. It's worked well in the past on here so hopefully this one will be bigger and better than ever. :)

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Sure - nevertheless, you should still submit to me the full whack - TL and all that, it's just the recipient will not know what's in the package.

Will reveal TLs and 'who's behind the curtain' a short while afterward...

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